Round cover high temperature resistant

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This product has been designed to be used for flues with operation temperatures higher than 200°C and up to 700°-800°. It is to be installed on a T pipe union, so as to allow inspection.
The round plug is made of two elements, one, outside, covers the pipe and the other, inside, goes into the pipe itself.
Between the two elements there is a metal seal AISI 302/316 with a heat-insulating jacket of ceramic fibre to insulate heat of the external element.
This seal, under pressure by means of an handwheel, expands and gets on contact with the internal surface of the pipe, thus creating that sealing effect against smokes passing trough the flue.
If necessary, the seal pressure can be modified by means of a threaded journal integrated in the handwheel.

The product is made of the following materials:

– Metal parts: sp. 10/10 AISI 304/316 BA-2B or copper: Cu DHP UNI 5649/1
– Handwheel: AISI 303

In both steel and copper versions, on request the internal plate is available in AISI 316L 2B

* ( Not Available )
## ( To depend of material request )
000003321##00 Round cover D. 080 HT with handwheel 80
000003211##00 Round cover D. 100 HT with handwheel 100
000003221##00 Round cover D. 113 HT with handwheel 113
000003231##00 Round cover D. 120 HT with handwheel 120
000003241##00 Round cover D. 130 HT with handwheel 130
000003251##00 Round cover D. 140 HT with handwheel 140
000003261##00 Round cover D. 150 HT with handwheel 150
000003271##00 Round cover D. 160 HT with handwheel 160
000003281##00 Round cover D. 180 HT with handwheel 180
000003291##00 Round cover D. 200 HT with handwheel 200
000004491##00 Round cover D. 250 HT with handwheel 250
000006241##00 Round cover D. 300 HT with handwheel 300
000003891##00 Round cover D. 80 dw for HT with handwheel 80 130
000003901##00 Round cover D. 100 dw for HT with handwheel 100 150
000003911##00 Round cover D. 130 dw for HT with handwheel 130 180
000003921##00 Round cover D. 150 dw for HT with handwheel 150 180
000003931##00 Round cover D. 180 dw for HT with handwheel 180 230
000003941##00 Round cover D. 200 dw for HT with handwheel 200 250
000006441##00 Round cover D. 250 dw for HT with handwheel 250 300