Our many years of experience in moulding, cutting, and drawing of metals like stainless steel, iron, and copper have made it possible for us to specialise in the production of accessories for chimneys and outsourcing, reaching an excellent level of technical-production quality.

Our high level of technological know­how and our remarkably qualified technical staff make it possible for us to resolve all the issues concerning the engineering and construction of equipment for the production of our own details or those developed by our clients.

ISO 9001 certified since 2004 and ISO 14001 since 2023, we rely on an IT system that manages and controls all the production processes with digital recordings of the audits carried out during each phase of our production cycle. A digital system stores all the certificates of the raw materials and products purchased to guarantee their traceability all the way up to the finished products, all of which bear a Laser marking of our logo, the product code, and the production lot to safeguard their quality and reliability.

Our dynamism and flexible approach mean that we are always ready to take on the latest market trends to support both our loyal and potential clients with the utmost expertise.


In 1960, Mr. Luciano Bonente and his wife Margherita emigrated to Australia to seek new experiences, demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning of their venture.

After a few years they felt satisfied with the knowledge they had gained and decided to return to Italy to put their newly attained expertise to good use by founding OVERSEA in 1971.

The very name of “OVERSEA” reflects the desire of Luciano and his wife Margherita to build on the value and importance of their life experience in Australia. This important background made it possible for them to lay the foundation of the new business venture of the Bonente family, which from the very beginning has always been known for its dynamic and flexible approach.

In the years to come, the company grew bigger and bigger, heading increasingly towards moulding and drawing of metals and specialising in the production of chimney accessories.

In 1996, when Andrea and Stefania of the next generation joined the company, this small family business began innovating and investing more heavily in new technologies, diversifying production and venturing beyond the Italian market, first into Europe and then worldwide.

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